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Download Cydia 10.2.1 with TaiG Jailbreak for iOS

As iOS 10.2.1 is released, everyone is looking for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to install Cydia 10.2.1 on Apple devices. The team TaiG jailbreak already ready for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to install Cydia 10.2.1 for all jailbreak users. At this moment TaiG beta for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak on testing to release in public. In this article we are going to talk about TaiG jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 for Cydia 10.2.1 install.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

When we look at TaiG jailbreak, they could have released jailbreak tools to public even in hard times such as jailbreak iOS 8.4 to install Cydia. However they didn’t submit any jailbreak tools in public. But according to rumors they are working for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak to install Cydia 10.2.1 to customize idevices for all people, those who love to jailbreak. Now we see an Italian iOS beta jailbreak in jailbreak community as Yalu jailbreak to jailbreak iOS beta. But it allows to jailbreak only iOS beta.

The Process of Download TaiG beta

  • As the first step back up your all data through iTunes
  • Then, disable “Find my iPhone” (Settings -> iCloud -> Disable)
  • Now, this is the time to switch off passcodes that you set up and IDs of Touch
  • Then, launch the Safari on the Apple device then browse for TaiG-beta website
  • Then tap on the button called “Start” to run Cydia and it checks the possibility to download Cydia 10.2.1 on the idevice

Finally, tap on the “install” button to finalize the install Cydia and you are allowed to install Cydia free apps as well as buy paid Cydia apps too among thousands of them

So, if you a Apple user which love to jailbreak, stay touch with us for more information and updates.

TaiG Jailbreak is Ready to Launch Install Cydia 10.2.1

Just few days ago Apple is updated iOS version to iOS 10.2.1 as a minor version of iOS 10.2. At the moment download iOS 10.2.1 is available to install either over the air (OTA) or through iTunes. However as iOS 10.2.1 came to public, there is a community which is looking for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak tool to install Cydia 10.2.1. In order to fulfill that requirement, TaiG jailbreak is ready to launch install Cydia 10.2.1 for you. With TaiG jailbreak iOS 10.2.1, you are able to download Cydia Tweaks and Cydia apps too.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

So far there isn’t any other tool to jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 which updated by any team or a person. You have only tool to download Cydia 10.2.1 and Cydia apps on idevices is TaiG beta tool. All jailbreak users willing to use Cydia iOS 10.2.1 to download Cydia free apps as well as Cydia paid apps too. However you can use online Cydia downloader in order to get Cydia-apps or Cydia Tweaks on your idevices.

The upcoming tool TaiG jailbreak iOS 10.2.1, is a tool which is safari based. It is for iOS 10.2.1 and lower version of iOS which are running on idevices.

Compatible idevices for Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to Install Cydia 10.2.1

  • iPhone 5 and later versions
  • iPad 4th generation and later versions
  • iPod Touch 6th generation and later versions

Since all jailbreakers engage with jailbreak iOS versions, Apple used to update iOS very recently as much as they can. So just keep in touch to get latest news of iOS and jailbreak iOS for install Cydia.

Install Cydia for iOS 10.2.1 with TaiG

The new version of IOS is released as iOS 10.2.1 and this is the time to take a part of iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak in order to install Cydia for iOS 10.2.1 with TaiG. All most all Apple are already installed iOS 10.2.1 and they are looking forward to touch jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 on their idevices.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

As usual there are couple of ways to install iOS 10.2.1, Over the Air (OTA) as well as using iTunes. If you have already jailbroken idevice, my advice is to just wait for update to iOS 10.2.1 if you are a person who loves to use jailbroken devices.

Is it available Cydia 10.2.1 to Download?

According to news from TaiG, install Cydia will be available soon in public. Because team TaiG have been hard working for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak. If you have an idevice just try for TaiG jailbreak to customize the idevice as you wish to.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 news

As the well-known developer Luca says, jailbreakers are about to release tools for jailbreak IOS 10.2.1 to the public. TaiG team as well as jailbreak YaluX also get ready for Cydia 10.2.1. After iOS 10.2.1, we have to get ready for iOS 10.3 which is about to release in near future. Because iOS 10.3 beta 1 is release for developers and testers at this moment.

So, Cydia iOS 10.2.1 will be released for us new features to customize the idevice (iPhone, iPad or iPod touch). Therefore just wait for install Cydia 10.2.1. If you are interested with jailbreak and Cydia install, stay with us for more information and updates.

Download TaiG iOS 10.2.1 Jailbreak on Apple Devices

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

Being released iOS 10.2.1, all people who own idevices are looking forward to get jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 in order to install Cydia 10.2.1. So, download TaiG iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak on Apple devices is the way to customize the Apple device. Thus, iOS 10.2.1 is out for public after testing iOS 10.2.1 beta 4. Also it took more than month after iOS 10.2.

TaiG is the one of best jailbreakers all around the world who are engaging for iOS jailbreak for install Cydia on idevices. As well as most jailbreak lovers hope on TaiG team to get TaiG jailbreak, because TaiG team is the team who released jailbreak tools even in hard times, if you remember. According to hard evidence the TaiG team involves to release a tool to jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 for install Cydia iOS 10.2.1.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

Compatible Apple devices for TaiG iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak

  • iPhone
    • iPhone 6 plus
    • iPhone 6
    • iPhone 5s
    • iPhone 5c
    • iPhone 5
    • iPhone 4s
    • iPhone 4
  • iPad
    • iPad mini 2
    • iPad mini
    • iPad air 2
    • iPad air
    • iPad 4
    • iPad 3
    • iPad 2
  • iPod touch 5g

Apple Updated to iOS 10.2.1 Removing Bugs and Improving Security

The next version of iOS 10.2 is released to public as iOS 10.2.1 after iOS 10.2.1 beta 4. It got more than month when released iOS 10.2 and this is the first version of iOS 10.2.x. Since iOS 10.2.1 is available, everyone is looking forward to seek for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1. In this article we are going to discuss about iOS 10.2.1 and iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

How to Install iOS 10.2.1

As usual iOS 10.2.1 is a free update to install on idevices (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) Over the Air (OTA) for all users. As well as you may install iOS 10.2.1 over iTunes on a Windows PC or a Mac PC.

Features of iOS 10.2.1

  • Auto Unlock

Auto unlock will active when the Apple watch is inactive and this feature will work from iPhone 5, iPad 4th, iPod touch 6th and later Apple versions.

  • Kernel

With kernel application, may help to execute some arbitrary codes. This function also works for Apple devices which mentioned above.

  • Iibarchive

With Iibarchive function act as a buffer for overflow issues of memory handling.

  • Webkit
  • Wifi

Jailbreak updates of iOS 10.2.1

At the moment there is no any tool for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1, but all jailbreakers are working for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak as soon as possible.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

TaiG jailbreak team is one of top jailbreakres all over the world. According to rumors, they already engaged for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak. TaiG will out a tool for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to install Cydia 10.2.1 on Apple devices.

So, just stay with us for more news from Apple and jailbreak updates. Visit our Facebook page and follow Twitter for any updates.

Photicon, OnceMore, Jailbreak Tweaks of the week

With the updating of iOS versions, jailbreak tweaks are also updating as much as possible. So, when taking about jailbreak tweaks for this past week, there are couple of jailbreak tweaks to discuss about. Thus in this article we are going to discuss about jailbreak tweaks which most useable and popular jailbreak tweaks in this past week.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2

Favorite Jailbreak Tweaks for This Week


Among newly released jailbreak tweaks OnceMore tweak is an implausible which makes you compatible to restart timer.

With the help of OnceMore jailbreak tweak, you will have an opportunity to re-recruit the similar timer that you just finished. It will help you to when you are doing win two out of three challenges.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2


AdaptiveColorAlerts jailbreak tweak leads you to Colorizes your alert-messages established on what are the appears which behind the message


Donnann jailbreak tweak allows us to abstract the “QR” coded images which use for “WeChat” programs


Inspectorplus jailbreak tweaks allows people who are engaging with web developing to inspect some WKWebview or else UIWebView


Photicon jailbreak tweak is an icon for app of Photos

Thus you will have more jailbreak tweaks for Apple devices on behalf of user easiness. As well as Apple is updating iOS versions very rapidly to avoid jailbreaking. The current version of iOS is iOS 10.2 and the beta version is iOS 10.2.1 beta 4. It means that iOS 10.2.1 will be released as soon as possible.

There isn’t a tool to jailbreak iOS after jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 to install Cydia. However we have a hope on team TaiG whether they will released iOS 10.2 jailbreak for public to download Cydia 10.2.

So, just keep in touch with us for more info about install Cydia, jailbreak iOS tools and iOS updates and more Apple related news.

Apple updates iOS 10.2.1 beta 4 (14D27) to iOS developers

Last Thursday Apple Inc. has updated iOS 10.2.1 beta 4 for iOS developers and other pubic testers to corroborate upcoming install iOS 10.2.1. iOS 10.2.1 beta 4 can be download iOS developers and those who registered for iOS beta testing program with Apple corporation. Those who registered for iOS beta testing, can install iOS 10.2.1 beta 4 on their Apple device over the air (OTA) mechanism or can download iOS 10.2.1 beta 4 when log on to Apple website.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

Compatible devices for iOS 10.2.1

  • iPhone 7 plus
  • iPhone 7
  • iPhone 6S plus
  • iPhone 6S
  • iPhone 6 plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPad 4th generation and later versions
  • iPod touch 6th generation and later versions

Since releasing iOS 10.2.1 betas very recently, everyone is looking for install iOS 10.2.1 on their idevices and most of them for jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to install Cydia 10.2.1. However all the jailbreakers are engaging for iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak to install Cydia by seeking weak points on iOS 10.2.1. As well as they work for iOS 10.2 jailbreak too.

With iOS 10.2.1 beta 4, Apple just fixed some bugs that could find out in iOS 10.2.1 beta3 and improved performance for iOS 10.2.1. So, it means we can be seen some improved features and a better iOS version with iOS 10.2.1.

Jailbkreak iOS 10.2.1

Thus, stay with us more information on all news and updates which related to Apple iOS, jailbreak and Cydia.

Just look at the video that in below it’s about comparing of iOS versions with iPhone 6s.

iOS 10.2.1 Beta 3 is Released

In order to update iOS versions to iOS 10.2.1, iOS 10.2.1 beta 3 is released for developers for testing purposes. So, this is the time to discuss about install iOS 10.2.1 and jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to install Cydia 10.2.1. Because most Apple device users are jailbreak lovers and they looking forward to download iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak anytime.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

This is the third beta for iOS 10.2.1 before let us to download iOS 10.2.1 on our Apple devices. Since iOS 10.2.1 beta 3 is released, iOS 10.2.1 will be updated very soon for public. Apple wants to update iOS very rapidly to avoid jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 to install Cydia 10.2.1. We saw that iOS 10.2 released 12th of December, 2016. At the moment they have released iOS 10.2.1 beta 3 as well. It means that Apple will update iOS 10.2 up to iOS 10.2.1 in near future.

Jailbreak iOS 10.2.1 Current Status

Up to now there isn’t any jailbreak tool to download after jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 for public users. Because Apple updated iOS versions very recently. However at the moment, iOS 10.2.1 beta 3 also available for developers. It means that iOS 10.2.1 also available to the public as soon as possible.

TaiG team is the one of best jailbreaksers in the jailbreak community which engage to develop tools to jailbreak iOS. According to rumous they are engaging to update iOS 10.2 jailbreak and iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak as well. Keep your hopes up on them to jailbreak iOS 10.2 and iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak to install Cydia 10.2 and Cydia 10.2.1.

jailbreak iOS 10.2.1

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