iPhone X Jailbreak for iOS 11.1

The iPhone X is the latest smartphone of Apple’s. It has amazing outlook and features such as with OLED edge to edge display, without home button, with Face ID recognition, wireless charging, and etc. specially it’s running on latest operating system, iOS 11. The iPhoneX came with greatest technology. When releasing of the iPhone X all hackers and developers try to jailbreak it. iOS 11 and iPhoneX are in jailbreaking development stages. Jailbreak iPhone X teams jailbroken iOS 11 beta version and  tried to release semi untethered jailbreak tool all 64 bit devices running iOS 11 as iPhoneX.

Jailbreak iPhone X

Advantages of jailbreaking iPhone X.

  • We can get more features and freedom to change devices what we want
  • User can enjoy unlimited access of iOS system and get rid from barriers
  • Customize the way you want it using custom themes and system tweaks
  • Privileged access to operating system files
  • Install applications which are not available on Apple application store
  • Use alternative applications instead of stock iOS application

The iOS 11 defraud many features from jailbreak applications and when jailbreaking iPhone_X user will allow more functions. Such as

  • Using Face ID user can lock and unlock applications
  • Use custom Animal emoji ( Animoji ) to express feelings
  • User may even can use friend’s face for Animoji
  • New games powered with augmented reality to get better user experience
  • Make custom commands for different gestures


Video Guide for Jailbreak iPhone X

As the latest iPhone update, we have to customize the iPhone_X. this is the way to make it as suitable as what we want. So, stay with us for more information regarding Jailbreak iPhone X and other version too.

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