Jailbreak iOS 11.2.2

The latest iOS minor version is iOS 11.2.2 and it’s released on 8th January 2018. It did not brings major features to public but it fixed out mitigate the effects of the Spectre Attack by the update made changes to Safari and WebKit. So time to time Apple operating system will have been updated as minor versions and developers and hackers tried to find jailbreak iOS 11.2.2 tool for those updates. But still they haven’t any public jailbreak update for iOS 11 or later versions.

Jailbreak iOS 11.2.2

Most of people waiting a jailbreak update for iOS 11 and its later versions. By hacking and breaking down running Apple operating system is the Jailbreaking. So it wants to remove all software barriers of iOS. Jailbreak main purpose is installation of Cydia. It’s a third party application store for jailbroken iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Apple community deplore jailbreaking and they added many restrictive for their operating system’s security software. Apple developers want to get rid from jailbreaking, so they added minor updates time to time for avoid jailbreaking.

All jailbreak teams and individual developers trying to find jailbreak update for iOS 11 or later versions. So Pangu and TaiG team hard to make an untethered jailbreak tool for iOS 11 versions. So there have some jailbreak updates for iOS 11 beta versions and they are not in public.

The technology is growing rapidly and now you can download Cydia without jailbreaking within few minutes. But it never contains in fully functions. However you must jailbroken your iOS 11 or later versions based iPhones, iPads and iPods for get full functions of Cydia,

These are the benefits of Jailbreaking and installing Cydia

  • We can install applications that are not in Apple store.
  • The Apple’s hidden from iOS applications can access.
  • Can download videos, music, ebooks and other inclusions free.
  • Can get paid applications for free.

Although still jailbreak developers did not interfere to make jailbreak option for iOS latest version iOS 11.2.2. Because any developer lab can’t release jailbreak public update yet. So previous versions are in developing stages. Developers will start to find jailbreak update for iOS 11.2.2 hence most of apple device users have been already updated current operating system as iOS 11.2.2 for it supportable devices.

Jailbreaking can be cause to battery draining issue and can crash of Applications and also it many cause to void apple original warranty. But soon jailbreak update for iOS new version will be released.

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