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Jailbreak iOS 10 with Taig

In last past we couldn’t hear about Taig jailbreak after WWDC 2016. The new version of Apple, iOS 10 has released few days ago and everyone is looking for jailbreak iOS 10 and Taig team is working for jailbreak iOS 10 in order to release a tool for iOS 10 jailbreak. As well as Apple is looking forward to release new versions for iOS.


There are lots of rumors about iOS 10 jailbreak and almost all the jailbreakers are working in order to release a tool for jailbreak iOS 10. Apple has patched all the security halls that they could find out in their older versions such that prevent jailbreak iOS 10 and future versions. However Apple’s aim is to stop everyone who is doing jailbreaking even those who have privilege for administrative.

However depending on the version security level of iOS 10 which have made by Apple Inc., the jailbreak iOS 10 will be late or delay. All jailbreakers including Taig jailbreak, have to find out what are the weak point in order to access iOS to install Cydia iOS 10 in idevices. Most of Apple users are looking for jailbreak iOS 10 to customize their idevices by downloading Cydia then install Cydia. Also we know that the Taig team is doing their best for jailbreak iOS 10.

New Features of iOS 10

When we just look at iOS 10 there are some features can be discussed in that movement. But jailbreak tweaks will be come to action for iOS 10 tweaks. However there are the new iOS 10 features that can be seen with iOS 10.

  • New Note Feature – With new note feature users are allowed to collaborate.
  • Camera – This new camera feature called Memories. With this new feature photos will pull according to time and the location to generate a video.
  • Home – This new feature has designed in order to help Apple users to control the smart home for their idevices
  • Calendar App – With the iOS 10, the Apple Inc. has added “found events” new feature to the app of Calendar.
  • New Voicemail feature – With the new Voicemail feature, “Siri” can be talented to answer calls for you as well as translate your messages
  • Maps Feature – The Apple Maps has some intermediary apps incorporation, such as “Yelp” and “OpenTable”.

Support of iOS 10

According to hardware disabilities, older devices have to drop such as iPhone 4S and iPad 2. Therefore those devices have no ability to update for latest versions such as iOS 10. That means that devices that I mentioned above can’t install iOS 10 and jailbreak iOS 10 as well.

So stay with us for more information for jailbreak iOS 10, Cydia install, jailbreak tweaks and future updates. Also there are more to come, stay with us for updates.

Jailbreak iOS 10 has Done – Confirmed by iH8sn0w

Since iOS 10 officially announced at the WWDC 2016, everyone is looking forward to download iOS 10 and jailbreak iOS 10 on behalf of customize idevices as we wish. So, only few days iOS 10 beta 1 released to the developers and it seems that iOS 10 has jailbroken. However don’t be much excite, because the thing is that still Apple released only beta version and when iOS 10 release the security hole which jailbroken may be fixed. But, we can keep hope for jailbreak iOS 10; although Apple released iOS versions frequently, someone could show off their jailbreaks such as iOS 9.3.2 and iOS 9.3.3 even though they didn’t come to public.

TaiG Jailbreak

iOS 10 jailbreak possibilities

So, just go through the iOS 10 features and get a rough idea about the upcoming iOS version. But, according to Todesoc, he understood his exploit is no longer valid and it will not usable after iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak. Because in this time Apple holding tough idea about iOS 10 jailbreak.


iH8sn0w is very familiar name to you when we are talking about jailbreaking. So iH8sn0w uploaded a video by demonstrating iOS 10 beta 1 jailbreak on an iPhone 5. Although this video shows us iOS 10 beta 1 can be jailbroken, there is a problem. This iPhone 5 is a 32 bit idevice and he didn’t show jailbreak iOS 10 beta 1 can be done for newer idevices. He used for jailbreak iOS 10 beta 1 iBoot which has showed off a few years ago.

Video Demonstration of iH8sn0w

Thus, it seems to be wait for another jailbreak. It means that we will have to keep our hope on TaiG jailbreak or Pangu Jailbreak in order to install Cydia on our idevices. In the mean time most developers are busy with iOS 10 to test. So, our advice is if you have an idevice which is jailbroken keep it as it is when new jailbreaking tool come to public.

Concepts of iOS 10

Concepts for iOS 10, do not have any news in civic, a lot of people are releasing some imaginings of upcoming iOS 10. Lots of these people are annoying to expect what the iOS 10 look will be like or else in what way we will need this to be alike in this approaching years. But, only several of concepts that people are expecting, demand to our taste, and also one of concepts has wedged to our eye.


A new iOS 10 concept has released by Sam Beckett with a video and it expresses very well information of imaginations that he has made. He (Beckett) has combined 3D feeling very attractively interested in the Center of operations of Beckett’s model about iOS 10. Certain excessive customization concepts are truly beneficial, that people must be mainly selected up by the Apple Inc. for next repetition of iOS. In brief, it wholly contains applications shortcuts in addition hardware ties in Control Center.

In this concept about iOS 10, you might tap otherwise “3D Touch” on clasps for reorganizing them on the edit mode in addition incapacitating the clasps that we infrequently use. We might even enhance novel switches for the Low Power Mode, Cellular Data, etc. Similarly, addition of “3D Touch” hooked on Control Center will despicable that we might admission additional choices fast for precise toggle.

Rendering to Sam Beckett, this idea that he invented, can be more operated upon besides enhanced by the Apple Inc. in order to let better customization about shortcuts as well as toggles. Furthermore, by this fresh system – wide murky mode in addition “3D Touch” incorporation for additional selections will be to a great extent wanted on iOS 10.

Particular safety such as Passcode or else Touch ID must be applied on “Lock-screen” while users of Apple, effort in order to open Notes app confidential with the Control-Center openly from “Lock-screen”. As we know that this Control-Center has not different far in the meantime of iOS 7 however with the iOS 9.3. However as mentioned before, system – wide dark manner will be enormously loved.